Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!

At the battle of bunker hill General Israel Putnam said the famous quote "don't fire untill you see the whites of their eyes."
meaning don't fire untill your really close so you hit them. Mason Weems quoted Putnams exact words as "Don't throw away a single shot, my brave fellows; ....don't throw away a single shot, but take good aim;nor touch the trigger, until you can see the whites of their eyes ."

General Putnam would always encourage closer quarters firing. He wanted his allies to fire when the enemy was close.He tried to stop the men whose fingers were too impatient that they would pull the trigger to early. General Putnam was encouraging his men to save their ammo and I think that the quotes and insperation General Israel Putnam really helped them fight better.I say he gave them "The eye of the Tiger!"

General Putnam on his trusty steed.